Imagine a private wealth practice...

  • That is led by top producers whose vision and results are
    beyond rhetoric

    At LIROS, we demand high standards of ourselves and share lofty dreams. Perhaps it is simply our commitment to a shared vision. One that enriches not just our business practice and client portfolios, but also the lives we connect with.

    Our strategies are real, and results amply demonstrated. Led by industry veterans, you will learn methodologies that are successful and repeatable. Our mentoring approach shapes you to be a truly trusted advisor.

    Run with the horses, fly with the eagles!

  • That has tangible strategies for endless referrals,
    moving upmarket and reaching gateway cities

    Singapore’s picture of tomorrow pulsates. As a vibrant financial hub nested in a wealthy hinterland, Singapore is a centre of choice to newly-minted millionaires and old rich. Their needs are constantly evolving; their wants are understandably eclectic.

    LIROS recognizes that advisory models must reinvent in tandem. We deliberated our client strategies of today many years ago. We anticipate not only their needs, but wants. Our desire is to think big and act regionally. Simply because that is also how our clients operate.

    Our advisors deeply value our referral, upmarket and trans-border coverage strategies. We evolved them intentionally through professional alliances and process-driven referrals.

  • Where your clients’ interests really come first
    and promised services are delivered

    The whirlwind of blurring activities in our fast changing industry is endemic. It cripples the execution of promises and good intentions. It is our earnest belief that centralized services and team-based advisory are the only antidotes.

    At LIROS, caring for our clients’ interests is not just a work rhetoric, it is our work ethic. That’s why we invest heavily into our practice standards, modus operandi and support infrastructure – simply to uphold our earlier promises. We believe that the linchpin for running a profitable and sustainable business is through enduring and smiley client relationships.

  • With exclusive, researched and pedigree products
    that truly preserve wealth

    Glossy brochures depicting latest product hypes often sell more than they deliver. Ultimately, what clients want are results that matter, not ideas that titillate.

    Timeless, old-fashioned principles are formulated into our product selection process - those that truly preserve wealth. We construct purpose-driven portfolios that are globally diversified, durable through global shocks and yielding superior returns. These include exclusive global real estate vehicles investing into gateway cities with rule of law – perennial asset class of choice for the wealthy.

    Our advisors operate with the fullness of this confidence – when clients work with us, they also engage the credible services of a robust research team.

  • Where you’re indeed an owner of your business,
    yet not a lonely adviser

    Imagine being the boss of your own business. You have the autonomy to decide your goals. You have the power to own, build and pass on. But entrepreneurship has not been kind to longevity. Statistics speak for itself.

    At LIROS, we know advisors are prone to burnout. Simply because we are advisors too! We view advisors as business owners within an inter-dependent practice. We leverage on the vitality and diversity of team-based specialty skillsets. Above all, stakeholder interests are thoughtfully aligned. We are more than just a team; we are a family where no one is left behind, be it in work or play.

    Quoting an English football parlance, you will never walk alone.

  • "I made my mid-career switch from an MNC regional business head position to be a founding member of LIROS many years ago – primarily to lead a purpose-driven life. LIROS has made my transition incredibly easy as it embraces the best practices of multinationals, the nimbleness of boutique practices and possesses an enduring ownership model." - Anthony Tse

  • "I have enjoyed a significant journey with LIROS that dates back to my varsity internship. It taught me marketplace intelligence, not just analytical intelligence. It was an inspiration of a lifetime, and I naturally came back for more! More than a dozen years on, I am still madly in love with what I do. I never have to work a single day!" - Josh Lim

  • "Having been a leadership consultant for well over a decade, I firmly believe that life transformation precedes corporate transformation. LIROS provides an indispensable platform to realize the deeper things that I truly enjoy. Beyond the advisory staples, I specialize in trust and estate planning. It impacts my clients’ sense of purpose and legacy beyond finance." - Kelvin Ng

  • "Our husband and wife practice takes us not only from “bedroom to boardroom” in Singapore, but also captures business from beyond its shores. LIROS provides the much needed strategies and support infrastructure that we could not find earlier in our careers or elsewhere in this industry." - Santoso Wilbowo & Vanessa Wati

  • "I grew up with and worked for my family’s businesses. These experiences have afforded me a deeper appreciation of LIROS’ offerings. The abilities to function as a business owner within a cohesive team and leverage on first class resources are indeed privileges that are amazing! With these, I can fully devote my time to my clients’ needs." - Vincent Wong

  • "The decision to make a mid-career switch to the Independent Financial Advisory industry wasn't easy. However, it could never have been more fulfilling without the ample resources, comprehensive structure and nurturing mentorship at LIROS. Its objectivity, autonomy and client-centric approach have escalated my belief and passion even further. I look forward to contributing back to those who placed their belief and trust in us!" - Shaun Ler

Our Talent Scheme

LIROS is a place where we welcome talent and nurture talent. As the wealth management industry undergoes metamorphosis, we keep a keen eye for ready talents from our ecosystem. We are highly desirous to meet practitioners who share our aspirations and resonate with our ethos. LIROS is acutely interested to invest in your future and your clients' happiness.